Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Diamond Gold

I owe a considerable depth of gratitude to one MBBS student of NEIGRIHMS, or to the less generic alias under which I call her,"Diamod Gold". Meeting her could well be a turning point of my life, if not more. But that doesn't mean that I had hitherto been unregarded, unknown or even, in a sense, unsuccessful. It is just that I'm given a precious chance to correct, know and believe myself better.

I have been living in Thiyam, Nambol since my birth. But for the last five years, I've been spending half a day everyday in and around Kwakeithel and Keishampat for the cumbersome tuition and coaching classes. I met and made friendship with many a people, the so called "Imphal Macha". Very few of my friends are from the outskirts, I mean, from the villages and small towns. Many of my few small town friends I met were also during this course of time. One thing I must say, the Imphal Machas always lacked a sense of honour and respect towards us,we being the "Lawai Macha",they still does, except my some extraordinarily and exceptionally close friends. Even though I have very few friends from villages and small towns, a thing which I now truely regret, they understand my feelings better (with the previous exceptions). They know who I am, what I am, how I am. I wish i had few more such friends.

Everybody, in a way or the other, considers me a sick man who, they think, can spread diseases to them from my diseased mind. But I'm not sick, it is them who are sick. One might be tempted at first sight to think that I'm a filthy creature and an unworthy person to be friends with. But I have something in my kitty to prove them wrong.

Not more than a week ago, I met this astonishing girl or rather lady on facebook. I must be honest, I never saw her profile picture untill yesterday as I had been using 0 facebook due to no internet balance. In fact, I had never heard of her, seen her or known her before. Astonishingly, I fall for her, not her love, but for her nurturing friendship. My reasons were not clear why I wanted to be friends with her so badly. But one thing was for sure, it was not because she was a medical student. When I heard her name for the first time, something happened to me, a kind of bondage. I don't know if she felt the same.

She is older and hence smarter than me. She is the perfect lady I would imagine as a mentor and a friend. Not keeping in my mind she was a stranger, my feelings in that friendship deepened and didn't hesitate even a wink to make comments on her photos,status and even pokes,which i did.

Today,from the middle of a restrained thought (I wouldn't doubt saying restrained), I made a mistake, stupidity and absurdity in one of my comments. In a huge contradiction to what I thought(she wouldn't hyper react), she was astounded. In a flash, she made her intentions clear and slammed me. I took them rather happily and willingly as a bouquet of advices and advices must be obeyed. I obeyed them because it was an advice from my role model, the perfect lady and more interestingly an elder.

I reckon meeting with her causes some serious serendipity in my life. And I believe she too won't regret meeting me. It has been good so far,except for few hiccups today and hopefully nothing worse will happen between us in future. I believe I will meet her one day and show my deep gratitude face to face. I thank her for being my friend. She is indeed among my six most honoured virtual friends and hopefully she will become the best real friend someday,in the very near future.

(From the heart of Dinnao)

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