Sunday, October 30, 2011

Flirt and Accusations

It'd be a self accusation to my own word if i say I've enjoyed my life to the fullest. However it doesn't mean i don't know how to. All these years,I waited for a glory and the wait still remains. Many a friend of mine say i am unfaithful. They often tag me a Flirt. But I am much more faithful in my unfaithfulness than their unfaithfulness in their faithfulness. I find it a little harsh when they give me the distinction of a Flirt. See,it's just that I can't love somebody at the first glance. So,i just have to be more hollow with the ones I meet,either male or female. That's perhaps why i am called a Flirt. But one must be aware everything happens in present and as a matter of fact one must try to have a look towards the future with the persons one is with. I have realised there's no harm in being a Flirt as long as people are honest with you. I am with many but that doesn't mean I'm going to be in a relation with them at the first place. Lately,there's a habit in me of doing things with a reason. And my reason is I'm tryna find a girl who knows me more than she knows herself.

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