Sunday, May 1, 2011

Me and My Forms

I am a Butterfly. I come out of my Coccon,stretch my Wings and bask in the Morning Sun. I start my Flight but just to find many other Butterflies already in the Vast Plain ; Playing , Flying , Amaying and Competing to be The Best.

I am a Bird. I am Left Alone because I don't Dare enough to Flap my Wings. Or perhaps they fly faster than Me and are more Agile and Passionate.

I am a Tree. I unfortunately grow near a Lamp Post and hence I have no Rest and Peaceful Nights. Days are far better for Me.

I am the Wind. I try to drive away the Clouds that Overshadow the Moon. I fail to succeed. May be I am too Weak to do that.

I am a Grass. I grow in the Meadows. I am Overgrazed and without any Leaves. It's better to be considered Dead than Alive.

I am a Candle. I am lighted up and You enjoy my Glow. But Alas ! You never have any Idea how I'm burning inside to Satisfy You. My Tears flow all over My Body. Ah ! You'll Change a New Candle when I'm Dead,one after the other endlessly untill Daylight flashes.

I am the Rain. I come so early that I destroy the Beauty of the Merciful April. I must have waited till June. You might come out and walk with Me if It was in June,My June

I am a Poultry Bird. I'm imprisoned and fed for 45 days just to sell to the Customers. And I meet my death in the very Hands of the Buyer.

I am the Snow. I fall in Winter and make people Shiver in Cold. I make the Rose suffer. I must be Cursed. But thanks to the rose,she fights me but never utters a Word of Hatred or Curse

P.S. Originally written on 24th april 2011

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