Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Rain

Today was an unpleasant day.
I must say,
Black clouds roamed the sky
And I expected It would rain.

It rained as I'd expected.
Not so heavily
But heavy enough to break my mood
And created scourge.

Black rain fell today
It stained my mama's Sanabul
And blacken my White Bucket
Which have never been stained.

I waited for the rain to stop.
To my dismay , it continued
Pouring that black water.
It's pH perhaps dropped below 5.

Nothing lasts forever.
Neither does the rain.
And so it stopped.
But made me Cave In.

I saw a Rainbow then.
It was such a nice Sight.
Coupled with it's serenity
I was mesmerised.

I tried to discover it's true colours.
I often does so.
But it came out to be just a blend of 7 colours.
VIBGYOR it was.

And as the Sun heated up,
The Rainbow disappeared.
But it nevertheless made a lasting impression
On my sadden mind.

It made me Realise
Something I haven't in a Lifetime.
And I kept murmuring
"I love the way you lie"

White Lie it was indeed.
But the rain darkened it.
And now that you'd escaped,
I find no one but your Soul.

Originally written on 28th april 2011

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