Friday, July 11, 2014

My Room

I came back to BOYS HOSTEL 1 for the 6th time in 2 years on 5th January 2014. We were on the verge to be rid of double rooms and get single rooms. That was not easy though. After meeting respected chief warden for 3 times,we finally got single room in April.

We helped each other clean the not so clean rooms. I got a room next to staircase and kitchen. I could smell many sorts of odour from the making of tasteless foods. It was so noisy that I had to start searching for a new room.

I booked a room occupied by an outgoing intern. He was having an elongated stay at the room as he was preparing for NEIGRIHMS PG ENTRANCE. It was the beginning of may. He was about to leave after the entrance. He got selected to pursue in a reputed clinical course. I was happy for him. We consider him our brother. He stretched his elongated stay.

My chance of getting a new room was almost 0 when a senior who is a brother to us again came to my rescue for the nth time. He was about to shift to a hillview room (fancy the name) but he was reluctant. He told me to stay in this new room until his willingness defeats the reluctance. So I packed everything(of course with physical help of friends and shifted to this room.

This room has many peculiarities. There is a metallic cupboard (lucky me). The hillview is one of the best from this window. There was also a patch of fungus (which I found success in eradacation) and the most important - two metallic hangers :-D . The photo here shows my study table,not so clean though.

I am going home after 6 months and I hope to return with new hope and an organizized self. I will miss my friends but I think this will not be more than how much I miss my family. Folks,stay well. Happy holidays. See you soon......

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