Monday, February 14, 2011

My first day there

"Stand in line,keep order",a tall white haired,smart old man instructed.

Yes,there were some five or six other smart people with him. He stood there as the King. I thought,"wow,this is great. It's gonna be different." As we were instructed, we pulled up our pants so that our socks could be checked. This process continued for about like 20 minutes. The King then sorted out a plump,cute,innocent looking boy and asked him why he was wearing the pair of shoes that the authorities didn't allow.(Actually,it's same with the pair of shoes others wear,but he didn't buy it from the prescribed retail shop). Fortunately,he was given no punishment. He was lucky because in any normal day,he would have been given a good thrash.

Some of us entered Room 8.
"wow,this is so blue",i thought. There was that boy I mentioned earlier,sitting with someone. I asked,"Mee leirabra?(is this seat taken?)"
"leite,fammu yaniye.(Not yet. You can sit)"

Few moments later,my old best friend pradeep,with whom i had a good friendship in Bethel(our high school) entered.
"Eh,nangsu si room sida tabro!(eh,you also in this room!),i exclaimed.

A slim figure entered and we five sat together,introduced to each other. Later on,i came to know that cute boy was Radhakumar Laishram from nongmeibung and that slim one binoy from bamdiar.
No sooner did the bell is rung than a small(not tall,here),white woman entered the room holding a register.
"Morning,let's get started
81 - Yes,ma'am
144 - Yes,miss
161-present miss
And 298 - Yes,miss
So class,my name is Ragini and I'm your zoology lecturer. Please co operate and try to be punctual. Please be attentive and enjoy the class. You all are now a part of Herbert School. Don't ever try to damage the reputation of your school"

Well,this is how i became a part of Herbert School. This lucky day was 2nd of july,2007,the first day of the session 2007-2008 of class eleven.

*The King turned out to be our respected principal Dr. K Nabachandra Singh
*144 is the blogger myself
*161 is Radhakumar,he currently lives in New Delhi,pursuing BSc Honours in Physics
*298 is Sapam Pradeep,currently a student of BMS,Bangalore.
*The smart people around the King were Sir Shah Jahan,Madam Neelu,Sir Nandakishore,Sir Bimolchand,Sir Dinendra and Madam Thaja
*We four sat together the whole year,the other opted to study at another school. In 2008,i.e. Class 12 Binoy was replaced by Sushilchandra against the rule of the school that benchmates once chosen could not be replaced till the end of the school

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