Sunday, February 13, 2011

Story of a new blogger and my inspiration

For the last four years,i have been surfing the internet. I started with my nokia 6085 handset on an aircel sim which allowed my data speed at a very slow rate of about 14 kbps. Next came my nokia 5220 Xpress Music,which i primarily used to play music,capture images and browse internet using the in built opera mini browser,that was in 2008-09. It is during this time that my cousin told me about the once famous orkut. Ever since i sign up of orkut,i've a google account. In the month of march,2010,i signed up for facebook too. Nowthat i was in facebook,orkut gets bored. I stopped using orkut. Then,i bought a brand new nokia X6 and a new airtel sim which allowed a modest net speed of 40 kbps. To be honest,i had a very little knowledge about blogspot. I used to view blogs of Harsha Bhogle as i was addicted to cricket and Harsha being my best cricket commentator. It was during this time that i started browsing internet both from my mobile phone and my computer. Today(13 feb'11)i meet a gorgeous girl on facebook chat. After having a chat of about 30 minutes,she tells me about her blog,"". I browse it using firefox,as the internet explorer was loaded with facebook. I find some very beautiful and natural posts in her blog. Her post about her brother just made me drop tears. I was more or less,in a way inspired by her. Half an hour ago,i created my blog,using the same google account of orkut. I would have never created this blog if i hadn't meet her. So,thanks anupriya,thanks google,thanks facebook and last but not the least,thanks mama coz today she doesn't scold me when i'm sitting in front of my computer.

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